Bizarre Bachelors

Bizarre Bachelors

by Robert Lee

Publication Date: 14/05/2015


For ten years, he laboured to construct his ultralight airplane, then, on a whim, he doused it with gasoline and set fire to it. When the rat invades his home, Gerry goes to drastic lengths to rid himself of the vermin, but ... Dying of mesothelioma, but living with zest. A bachelor shoots himself in the back with a shotgun. A meal of moose testicles. More than forty true, but unbelievable stories of the bizarre lives of an endangered species: the bachelor.
No single man worth his salt is married. The thought could have come straight from Yogi Berra’s vault of butchered expressions. However, many married men – the wannabes - in spite of wanting to remain married, idolize and envy the bachelor. Few bachelors return the favour.
But the bachelor is a unique breed. Always threatened with extinction, bachelors have survived, and thrived, by doing things and thinking their own way. They are Robert Frost’s travellers in the yellow wood.
It is true. No single man worth his salt is married. All the good ones are not taken; they are recalled from the market.

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Robert Lee

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