Carlos Beltowers

Carlos Beltowers

by Eoin McDonald
Publication Date: 05/08/2021

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'Carlos Beltowers,' - is the second book in 'The Chosen Drone' series by Eoin McDonald.

A Novel of 53000 words.

Carlos Beltowers is a wealthy Hotel owner, he also runs Bars in Manila. He is an aggressive determined person. He has little empathy or sympathy for the average man or woman. Two wives and two sons. He reaps what he hasn't sowed and takes what he hasn't earned.

He wants the Case, but so do other players!

The Drone, David Chen, is hounded by Carlos; and the Triads. Bridgett is his only saving refuge, but will she untangle herself from the clutches of Beltowers son, Michael?

The Sons of the East have power and influence. They are backed by finance through their contacts in Syria. Will they win the tussle for the possession of the Case? Will David survive the determination of the aggressors?

Fantasy romance
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Eoin McDonald

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