Chasing The Lights

Chasing The Lights

by Deborah Lynne

Publication Date: 11/11/2018


Teenage boys are disappearing. Where have they gone?

James Cooper Parks, Coop to his friends and loved ones, is the editor of the school newspaper. The big news, unfortunately, hit too close to home as two of the three boys that have disappeared go to his school. This makes for good copy but a little too personal as far as Coop is concerned.

The reporter in him won't let it go, and his best friend Bailee Reed tries to help him run down every lead. Can they get the story without getting too close? Will there be a happy ending?

FBI have been called in, but they haven't found the other boys that went missing in the same way in other states in the US. Will they find the Louisiana boys? Or will Coop get the scoop and save the day?

Publication Date:
Deborah Lynne

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