Creative Stimulus

Creative Stimulus

by Devon Ellington
Publication Date: 01/08/2022

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Kick-start your creativity with short stories, found inspirations, sensory detail, and rituals. Includes updated versions of 5 in 10, Sensory Perceptions, Writing Rituals, the Infamous Tip Sheets, and more. Some days we feel about as creative as wilted lettuce. When that's the case, turn to Creative Stimulus and work your way through the various exercises. The shorter form of the exercise will help boost your creativity in long work and refresh your creative experience. Learn to go deeper into found inspirations and use the senses to create fuller, more complex, interesting, and detailed words for your readers. Find fresh focus with rituals designed to center and stimulate your creative impulses. Refer to the Tip Sheets for ideas on dialogue, tags, paragraph structure, transitions, how to make internal cuts, and more. Based on Devon Ellington's popular workshops, this book combines some of her best in one volume you'll return to for years.

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