Definitions, Concepts and Scope of Engineering Asset Management

Definitions, Concepts and Scope of Engineering Asset Management

by Joe E. Amadi-EchenduKerry Brown Joseph Mathew and others

Epub (Kobo), Epub (Adobe) Publication Date: 07/03/2016


Engineering Asset Management Review focuses on life cycle management of the physical assets required by a private or public firm for the purpose of making products and/or for providing services in a manner that satisfies various business performance rationales. In exploring the wide ranging issues involved in the management of engineered assets that constitute our built environment, this book takes a broad view of the inter- and multi-disciplinary approach which combines science, engineering, and technology principles with human behavior and business practice.

The purpose of Engineering Asset Management Review is to publish research and opinions which explore strategic and tactical issues, as well as technical data and information. It also examines the issues involved in the creation (formulation and design), acquisition (procurement, installation, and commissioning), maintenance, operation, decommissioning, disposal, and/or rehabilitation of physical assets. The range of articles covers all industry sectors and physical asset types (infrastructure, plant, equipment and facilities).

The aim of this volume is to provide a forum for

  1. the assembly of a body of knowledge in the emerging field of engineering asset management;

  2. knowledge transfer between researchers, scholars and practitioners;

  3. cross-disciplinary interaction between engineers, technologists, economists, environmental practitioners, behavioral scientists, and business managers; and

  4. the presentation of a wide spectrum of viewpoints and approaches from designers, developers, project managers, owners, operators, users, and vendors.

Technology: general issues
Epub (Kobo), Epub (Adobe)
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