Escape from the Village

Escape from the Village

by Chris Baker
Publication Date: 04/11/2013

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    "An eleven-year-old girl and boy live in an isolated village with 258 other citizens. Nobody has a name, and everything is calculated to break their spirits so that they surrender to an existence of gray routine.
    "But they have each other. They each have a passion: music and art. And a mysterious force is guiding them and protecting them.
    "When the savagery of those in control finally transforms the girl, the boy must help her find herself again. The path is an amazing journey through which they discover the depths of their humanity and a startling method to shake the village at its roots. Perhaps they can shift the world toward happiness.
    "Escape from the Village is an homage to true friendship which can sustain the human spirit even against physical and spiritual torture. It is a touching love story like no other."
    --Wendy McElroy

    She draws the pictures. He makes the music. They both share a big secret.
    There is no music or art in the village where a pre-adolescent boy and girl live. They go to a mysterious house where they make music and art, while other citizens can not go there. Their creativity separates them from their peers in many ways. They will soon discover that there is much more being kept from them.
     Take the grim dystopia of the Hunger Games and combine it with the charm of Moonrise Kingdom--the result is Escape from the Village.

General fiction (Children's / Teenage)
Publication Date:
Austin 2222 Press
Chris Baker

Chris Baker read Modern History at Oxford University, where he specialised in military history. He spent thirty-seven years as a civil servant in the UK Ministry of Defence, dealing with defence policy, programme and resource issues. Battleships have been a lifelong interest, and his study of them has come to fruition in this, his first book.

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