Every Day France: Health

Every Day France: Health

by Mike Goldsmith

Publication Date: 02/03/2016


every day france - health
no one told me my first heart attack had destroyed half my heart. if I’d known I’d have gone to bed and stayed there. if I’d known what was coming after that, it would have been a hospital bed. but knowing is the end of dreams.
the dream I shared with my wife was getting our kids settled after they’d finished university then re-launching our senses in a different language, in a different place. and for me, a naive belief that for the price of a ferry ticket I could leave all my problems behind.
2300 words on living close to death and enjoying it.

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Mike Goldsmith
Mike Goldsmith

Dr. Mike Goldsmith is a research scientist and science writer.

He has written more than fifty books for children, including Eureka!.

He has been shortlisted twice for the Junior Aventis Science Prize.

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