Fiction Vortex

Fiction Vortex

by Todd HoneycuttJon Arthur Kitson Chloe Clark and others

Publication Date: 26/10/2016


Don't let us fool you; the following stories are all fictitious in nature. We recently received several lawsuits on behalf of people who claim we have left them bereft of peace and solace, simply because they couldn't handle the idea of killer robots featured in one of our stories.


Founded in the 277th year of the Takolatchni Dynasty, Fiction Vortex set out to encourage people to write and publish great speculative fiction. It sprang fully formed from the elbow of TWOS, retaining none of TWOS’s form but most of its spirit. And the patron god of writers, the insecure, the depressed, and the mentally ill regarded Fiction Vortex in his magic mirror of self-loathing and declared it good, insofar as something that gives writer’s undue hope can be declared good. Thereafter, he charged the Rear Admiral of the Galactic 5th Fleet to defend Fiction Vortex down to the last robot warrior.

Thank you for reading, and may you #getsuckedin!

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