From Wilderness to Wonder

From Wilderness to Wonder

by Wilma J. Lansdell
Epub (Kobo), Epub (Adobe)
Publication Date: 14/01/2018

Facebook PostMay 26, 2013 But Mary treasured up all these things and PONDERED them in her heart. Luke 2:19 NIV. PonderedI love that word. I love the look on the face of a pondering child. I love the words from the mouth of a pondering grown-up. Isnt it interesting that God chose a pondering heart in which to do such a mighty work? Is His Spirit searching the face of this earth right now for a pondering heart in which to do some mighty work? I suspect so. Could He do a mighty work in my pondering heart? I hope so. I need Him to.

My God pondering goes on.

Is that part of what God uses to see us through the heartbreaks of our livesthe ordinary? Is that how He brings peace and joy to a peace and joy starved heartthrough the ordinary? Does He put us in a place, after putting us in THE PLACE where we can do something marvelous that we could never imagine of ourselves? I wonder how often Mary pondered the question: Why is this happening to me? Oh what a gifta pondering heart.

This is my storymy ponderings in scriptmy journey from the wilderness of an empty, pain-filled heart to the wonder even in the pain when I ponder the majesty of God, the mystery of God, and the mercy of God. Do come and ponder with me!

Spirituality & religious experience
Epub (Kobo), Epub (Adobe)
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Westbow Press

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