Future Science Fiction Digest Issue 2

Future Science Fiction Digest Issue 2

by Alex ShvartsmanMike Resnick Beth Cato and others
Publication Date: 14/03/2019

Second issue of FUTURE SF features nine stories by ten authors from six different countries totaling over 50,000 words of original fiction. From the time of the dinosaurs to the heat death of the universe, from thinking and feeling androids to human consciousness spanning multiple bodies, from cats on the Moon to alien salad dressing that makes plastic digestible and delicious, these tales have something for everyone.

Table of contents:

“Tideline Treasures, or Growing Up Along the Mile-High Dyke” by Tais Teng and Jaap Boekestein

“The Roost of Ash and Fire” by David Walton

“The Lord of Rivers” by Wanxiang Fengnian (translated by Nathan Faries)

“No Body Enough” by Dantzel Cherry

“An Actual Fish” by Natalia Theodoridou

“The Peculiar Gravity of Home” by Beth Cato

“The Zest for Life” by N. R. M. Roshak

“The Token” by Mike Resnick

“To Save a Human” by Svyatoslav Loginov (translated by Max Hrabrov)

Science fiction
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UFO Publishing
David Walton

David Walton is a clinical and cognitive psychologist with a background in mental health, cognitive therapy and pain management.

He has worked within and advised the NHS, United Nations, European Economic Council, and the UK Department of Health, on matters ranging from health service reconstruction to improving management practices.

He has run pain management clinics and advises arthritis and carers' charities on pain. He experiences chronic pain personally, following a horse riding accident.

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