Gema: A Trooper's Tale

Gema: A Trooper's Tale

by Peter Jackson

Publication Date: 26/07/2015


in 1965 the british special forces (the sas) were active in sarawak and kalimantan....what used to be borneo. 23 years previously gema had been born into a community deep in the borneo jungle totally detached from civilization as we know it. as a teenager she was sent to a catholic community to learn a different way. she learned several languages and learned to read and write but her sense of tribal honor,history, culture and responsibility ran strong in her veins. sergeant major George mudd, a veteran sas trooper with experience in malaya and borneo inserted into the jungle with his troop to investigate a massacre. 20 years later gema is married and living in england with her beautiful daughter. the sas troopers are nearly all retired and taken up new lives. george mudd owns a successful security business specializing in oil field security in the north sea and brunei. the past comes back to life and people begin to die in mysterious circumstances as cultures clash.

Contemporary fiction
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Peter Jackson

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