Grimms' Fairy Tales: Volume I - Illustrated (Phoenix Classics)

Grimms' Fairy Tales: Volume I - Illustrated (Phoenix Classics)

by Jacob GrimmPhoenix Classics and Wilhelm Grimm

Epub (Kobo), Epub (Adobe) Publication Date: 18/05/2017

This book contains several tables of HTML content to make reading easier. Once Upon a Time... Go into the woods with Grimm's Fairy Tales. Full of magic and trickery, these stories have delighted generations with such timeless classics as Cinderella, Red Riding Hood, Hansel and Gretel, Snow White, and Rapunzel. Find classic fairy tales: The Tales, Volume I: 1 - The Frog-King, or Iron Henry 2 - Cat and Mouse in Partnership 3 - Our Lady's Child 4 - The Youth Who Could Not Shudder 5 - The Wolf and the Seven Little Kids 6 - Faithful John 7 - The Good Bargain 8 - The Wonderful Musician 9 - The Twelve Brothers 10 - The Pack of Ragamuffins 11 - Little Brother and Little Sister 12 - Rapunzel 13 - The Three Little Men in the Wood 14 - The Three Spinners 15 - Hansel and Grethel 16 - The Three Snake-Leaves 17 - The White Snake 18 - The Straw, the Coal, and the Bean 19 - The Fisherman and His Wife 20 - The Valiant Little Tailor 21 - Cinderella 22 - The Riddle 23 - The Mouse, the Bird, and the Sausage 24 - Mother Holle 25 - The Seven Ravens 26 - Little Red-Cap 27 - The Bremen Town-Musicians 28 - The Singing Bone 29 - The Devil With the Three Golden Hairs 30 - The Louse and the Flea 31 - The Girl Without Hands 32 - Clever Hans 33 - The Three Languages 34 - Clever Elsie 35 - The Tailor in Heaven 36 - The Wishing-Table, the Gold-Ass, and the Cudgel in the Sack 37 - Thumbling 38 - The Wedding of Mrs. Fox First Story Second Story 39 - The Elves First Story Second Story Third Story 40 - The Robber Bridegroom 41 - Herr Korbes 42 - The Godfather 43 - Frau Trude 44- Godfather Death 45- Thumbling as Journeyman 46- Fitcher's Bird 47- The Juniper-Tree 48- Old Sultan 49- The Six Swans 50- Briar-Rose 51- Fundevogel 52- King Thrushbeard 53- Little Snow-white 54- The Knapsack, the Hat, and the Horn 55- Rumpelstiltskin 56- Sweetheart Roland 57- The Golden Bird 58- The Dog and the Sparrow 59- Frederick and Catherine 60- The Two Brothers 61- The Little Peasant 62- The Queen Bee 63- The Three Fe
Traditional stories (Children's / Teenage)
Epub (Kobo), Epub (Adobe)
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Phoenix Classics
Jacob Grimm

Jacob Grimm (1785-1863), one half of of the renowned Brothers Grimm, was a German philologist, jurist, and mythologist. He was also a linguist, and discoverer of "Grimms law," and wrote several of the Wests best known fairy tales along with his brother Wilhelm. He was born in the town of Hanau, in what was at the time the Holy Roman Empire. He was a graduate of the University of Marburg.

Wilhelm Grimm

Wilhelm Grimm (1786-1859), German author and cultural researcher, was one half of the Grimm Brothers; authors of some of the most popular and best-known European fairy tales. He was born in the town of Hanau, in what was at the time the Holy Roman Empire. He was a graduate of the University of Marburg.

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