Here Be Brave New Worlds

Here Be Brave New Worlds

by J. D. BrinkRobert Jeschonek Charles Eugene Anderson and others

Publication Date: 04/04/2020


Worlds on the brink of apocalypse, or already there.

Nature’s wrath and dominion over humanity, and humanity’s folly incarnate.

Dark magic, terrifying tech, greed, ravaged environments, rare courage and grim hope in lost cities and fallen worlds.

Brave new worlds or last best hopes -- Dare you glimpse the future?

# Table of Contents

  1. "Platypus" by J. D. Brink

  2. "Six Scifi Stories Volume Four" by Robert Jeschonek

  3. "Dystopia" by Charles Eugene Anderson

  4. "Of Myst and Folly" by Leah Cutter

  5. "UTOPIAS - Book 1" by Don Viecelli

  6. "Brainwaves" by Barbara G.Tarn

  7. "Ultraviolet" by Joseph Robert Lewis

  8. "Terra Incognita" by Karen L. Abrahamson

  9. "The Reckoning" by Russ Crossley

  10. "Ice Monarch" by Michèle Laframboise

  11. "The Last Ant" by Dawn Blair

  12. "The Consensus" by Harvey Stanbrough

  13. "The Last Forest" by A. L. Butcher

Science fiction
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Kydala Publishing, Inc.

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