How To Build Your First Email List In Only 3 days

How To Build Your First Email List In Only 3 days

by Mike Mercadante
Publication Date: 09/12/2015

This is a beginners step-by-step formula that will build your first email list in only 3 days!
This formula was created so that it can help the small business that has no email list and is just starting out.
What I'm about to share with you will finally give you a solid game plan, and it'll help put an end to that frustrated, helpless feeling you get inside of “What Do I Do Next?”
It's designed for entrepreneurs who know how important having a targeted email list is to a business.
They're willing to work, but they just need a solid game plan to get started.
This will also work great for the person with a day job. The person who is looking forward to breaking away on their own into an Internet business, as well as the person running a business from a home-based office.
All it takes is some time during the morning and evening to build your very first email list.
With this formula, you decide how much time you want to invest out of your day.
The beauty of this design is that it is really a bootstrap system.
It costs almost nothing but a few hours a day of your time.
What I've done is made this as easy as possible to build your first email list and increase your marketing skills.
I even included bonus worksheets in the back to help you. Everything you need is in this book.
Get more financial freedom and build customer trust and loyalty with a healthy, targeted email list.

Small businesses & self-employed
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Mike Mercadante

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