by Delia Strange and Linda Conlon

Publication Date: 17/10/2018


Heroes sacrifice themselves. Villains sacrifice others. Can one man live to be both?

Daeson awakens in a mangled car wreck with a dying woman. Forced to deal with the consequences of Synjan’s actions, Daeson’s resentment grows and their relationship fractures.

No longer supported by her companion and friend, Synjan invites a dangerous foe to join them—the Hunter himself.

When Hawke catches up, he struggles with risking everything to do what’s right or continuing to do what’s right for him.

As allies and enemies conspire on different worlds, Synjan, Daeson and Hawke head into a desolate landscape of sand, violence and treachery.

‘Husk’ is the fifth book in Linda Conlon and Delia Strange’s Wanderer of Worlds, a gritty contemporary fantasy. The series contains multiple perspectives, proactive characters, conspiracies, and shifting motives set against a backdrop of different worlds with their own languages and cultures. This ongoing tale combines the best traits of urban fantasy, action and light science fiction in a richly written, emotionally captivating adventure.

Seek out the first book ‘Axiom’ to find out why Wanderer of Worlds is a story like no other.

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Delia Strange

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