Inventive Computation Technologies

Inventive Computation Technologies

by S. SmysRobert Bestak and Álvaro Rocha
Epub (Kobo), Epub (Adobe)
Publication Date: 03/11/2019

With the intriguing development of technologies in several industries, along with the advent of ubiquitous computational resources, there are now ample opportunities to develop innovative computational technologies in order to solve a wide range of issues concerning uncertainty, imprecision, and vagueness in various real-life problems. The challenge of blending modern computational techniques with traditional computing methods has inspired researchers and academics alike to focus on developing innovative computational techniques. In the near future, computational techniques may provide vital solutions by effectively using evolving technologies such as computer vision, natural language processing, deep learning, machine learning, scientific computing, and computational vision. A vast number of intelligent computational algorithms are emerging, along with increasing computational power, which has significantly expanded the potential for developing intelligent applications. These proceedings of the International Conference on Inventive Computation Technologies [ICICT 2019] cover innovative computing applications in the areas of data mining, big data processing, information management, and security.

Automatic control engineering
Epub (Kobo), Epub (Adobe)
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Springer International Publishing

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