Irony All Around Me

Irony All Around Me

by Chris Jones

Publication Date: 23/02/2016


In one week in September of 2008, Chris Jones lost his job and then 3 days later lost his good friend Paul to cancer. What was gained in these losses, however, led him ultimately to find sources of strength in life’s moments that had previously been swirling past without much inspection.

Inspired with a new hopeful sense of gratitude, Chris embarked on a personal mission to send weekly email messages to a group of people who knew Paul. Designed to encourage and uplift, the messages served as a tribute to Paul and his legacy. After a while the messages began to be forwarded and shared and the email distribution list grew and the experience resulted ultimately in this book.

From a beginner runner to a Boston Marathon Qualifier, Chris gives inspired observations and candid personal stories that will motivate and inspire.

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Chris Jones

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