Keeping Mum

Keeping Mum

by Jill Atkins

Epub (Adobe), Epub (Kobo) Publication Date: 20/11/2014

Abbi is in trouble at school: she's always late, or forgetting her homework, or falling asleep in class. When her teachers investigate they discover that Abbi's mother is an alcoholic, and Abbi is doing everything at home, looking after her mum and younger brother, as well as attending school. After all, if Abbi can't hold it all together, surely the family will be split up. Can Abbi and her mum get help?
Epub (Adobe), Epub (Kobo)
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Ransom Publishing
Jill Atkins

Escaped teacher, now writing for children with 46 books published so far, ranging from early reading material to teenage novels. I've written 4 books for Franklin Watts, 4 for Wayland and one for Hodder.

I'm married with two grown up children and five grandchildren, no pets, though I used to have three beautiful cats, guinea pigs and rabbits. When I was a child, we kept chickens and I loved them, too.

I always have my nose in a book. I read both adult's and children's books. My favourite children's books include The Railway Children by E Nesbit, Journey to the River Sea by Eva Ibbotson, River on the Say by Philippa Pearce. My adult reading varies from Charles Dickens to many modern authors. I enjoy listening to music, classical, jazz and some pop.

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