Neither Here Nor There

Neither Here Nor There

by Cat Rambo
Publication Date: 30/12/2016

Cat Rambo's newest collection of fantasy fiction contains both work original to the collection as well as work from Beneath Ceaseless Skies,, and other leading fantasy fiction magazines. The work is presented in the same double-sided format as Rambo's previous collection, Near + Far, of which Don Sakers of Asimov's said, "If you want some really excellent stories, get the e-book. If you also want a physical object to warm the heart of any print-book collector, go for the paper version."

Neither Here showcases alt-world fantasy, including stories set in Tabat, the world of her first novel Beasts of Tabat, while Nor There features stories set in our own world, including "The Wizards of West Seattle," original to the collection. In their starred review, Publishers Weekly said, "This double collection showcases Rambo's versatility within the fantasy genre. Find out Ursula Vernon called Rambo "one of the brightest talents in the field," Jodi Lynn Nye said, "Rambo has a gift for immersing her reader into a vivid universe full of adventure, sensuality, wit, and poignant observation," and NY Times bestselling author Kevin J. Anderson simply advised, "Cat Rambo is endlessly innovative, ingenious, and just plain entertaining. Read her stories. "

Includes: Love, Resurrected; The Toad's Jewel; Pippa's Smiles; Karaluvian Fale; The Subtler Art; The Mage's Gift; How Dogs Came to the New Continent; Love's Footsteps; To Read the Sea; A Brooch of Bone, A Hint of Tooth; Call and Answer, Plant and Harvest; Clockwork Fairies; Her Windowed Eyes, Her Chambered Heart; The Coffeemaker's Passion; Elections at Villa Encantada; Seven Clockwork Angels, All Dancing on a Pin; Coyote Barbie; The Wizards of West Seattle; Summer Night in Durham; Web of Blood and Iron; So Glad We Had This Time Together; Snakes on a Train; The Passing of Grandmother's Quilt.

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Hydra House

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