Past, Present, and Further More

Past, Present, and Further More

by David Allen

Epub (Kobo), Epub (Adobe) Publication Date: 12/01/2018


This book contains three very different tales, all depicting the struggle and hardships of the world, (an abyss that is all too easy to fall into, and all too easy to find, but never easy to crawl out of.) What I offer in these pages are the hearts and souls of our fellow man, and a glimpse of how fragile we really are.

First Ill take you into the past, on a fast paced ride of drama, romance and revenge. Then, a present day nightmarish trip through dark and dreadful places that blacken the very spirit of the human condition, keeping you awake at night, afraid to close your eyes in that you may find yourself envisioning the terrors that can stir the very soul. But, what the future holds can whisk you away to a world where mankind faces the most dreaded fear of all, extinction.

So join me now as I carry you through the past, present and future, and experience the magic and mystery of the one thing that connects all three stories in a mystical way that can only be conceived in our wildest imagination; a medallion that somehow finds its way into all three eras, ruining lives, breeding the unholy and fathering creation.

Prepare to journey into The Past, Present and Further More.

Short stories
Epub (Kobo), Epub (Adobe)
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David Allen

David Allen is the internationally bestselling author of Getting Things Done and Ready for Anything. He is the chairman and founder of the David Allen Company, a global management and consulting company, widely recognized as the world's leading authority in developing personal and organization capacity.

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