by L.J. Diva
Epub (Kobo), Epub (Adobe)
Publication Date: 13/09/2017

In the tradition of the bonkbustingly good Jackie Collins comes L.J. Diva’s Porn Star Brothers series.

Follow the meteoric rise of 70s Porn Star, Pedro Stefan, and the rocky path he took to find the life and love he craved in the Porn Star Brothers series.

Pedro Stephanopoulos is the youngest of three, Australian born and Greek Island raised brothers. He loves music and being a Dj on Santorini.

He lives the good life Djing four nights a week in a great job, gets a great girl, and then finds himself on the run from her over-protective father who takes matters into his own hands.

Finding himself in New York, he gets the Dj gig at the hottest new club in the city and is living the high life, until it all comes crashing down with a stalker, creepy gifts, a beating, and a kidnapping.

And it all comes down to one person…

One person who’s out to end the life of Pedro Stephanopoulos…

Pedro is the second novella in the Porn Star Brothers contemporary romance series featuring the sizzlingly sexy youngest Greek Australian bad boy brother. If you like family sagas, heartfelt romances and dancing to ’70s disco, then you’ll love the latest instalment in L.J. Diva’s page-turning series.

Unlock The Porn Star Brothers Series today to start the romance!

*If you think the story ends abruptly, or without a conclusion, that’s because part 4 of the Porn Star Brothers series, Retribution, is the conclusion to all three Porn Star Brothers books.*

***These books contain swearing, lots of sex, and a plotline. They’re for the over 18s only, but we all know those younger ones will sneak a peek.***

Epub (Kobo), Epub (Adobe)
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Royal Star Publishing

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