Power Tool

Power Tool

by Liam Gibbs

Publication Date: 06/03/2020


The greatest power in the galaxy can see across timelines and he’s really cranky.

Master Asinine and his alliance of imbeciles, the Bad Guys, have located a source of great power, one they plan to use in their war against the Good Guys. Because Asinine has a one-track mind, and he loves his wars. And sausages.

But when that source of great power turns out to be a living person—a reclusive Trioxidillian—things get uglier. Also snarkier.

So now the Good Guys must make their move to stop the Bad Guys from acquiring this source of power and getting one step closer to total galactic domination. Not easy when Mechanism commences schemes of his own to wrest this power for his own evil deeds.

Meanwhile, left alone at home, Legion falls victim when a mysterious figure from his past captures him for who knows what. Owie.

Can Reef lead his team into the heart of the Bad Guys’ own headquarters to rescue this Trioxidillian from both Master Asinine and Mechanism? Can Legion survive his captor’s murderous plans? Will I shut up and let you read the book? Fine!

Space opera
Publication Date:
Liam Gibbs

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