Rage - Bane of Demons

Rage - Bane of Demons

by Thony Silas and Eric Peyron

Publication Date: 08/07/2014


A very long time ago, hordes of demons came out from the depths of Hell to conquer Earth and dominate humanity. Witnessing the war between Demons and Humans, the Gods decided to make a divine creature, powerful enough to become their champion. They called this creature Raaj, and sent him to Earth so that he could wage his own war against the demons. Raaj slaughtered every demon he could find without mercy. Then, seeing no more demons to fight, Raaj began to slaughter humans too. Appalled by the acts of their creature, whom humans came to call "Rage", the Gods descended to Earth and imprisoned him in the heart of a mountain. 

Thousands of years have passed, and demons have now begun to reappear on Earth. Master Demon Torg has conquered one of the fortresses of King Kothas, Lord of the Kingdom of Arthkan. After having slaughtered entire armies, Torg is asking for supplies and sacrifices. Knowing about the Legend of Rage, King Kothas orders High Mage Nicodemus to mount an expedition to the mountain where Rage has been imprisoned. And to free him.

Graphic novels: superheroes & super-villains
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Glyphs Productions

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