Runner in the Dark

Runner in the Dark

by Ed Gorman

Publication Date: 02/07/2016

It's been five years since David Gerard got out—sprung from the courtroom in a hail of bullets that left nine dead, and left his brother Roy in jail under sentence of death. Now, Roy faces electrocution, unless David can pull the plug.

District Attorney Jessica Dennis believes in the ultimate sanction. She's prepared to debate the ethics of the death penalty on television a few hours before Roy is due to die. It's a program the whole city will be watching.

David has a helicopter, a pilot, and two callous killers on his team. But neither of them thirst for revenge the way he does. And the chief object of his vengeance is the blonde and beautiful prosecutor who has placed his brother in the electric chair.

Tonight David aims to get even with Jessica and save his brother's life. He's taking over a live TV broadcast and holding a city to ransom. Whatever the outcome, no one will be switching channels …
Thriller / suspense
Publication Date:
Crossroad Press

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