Serial Fiction Sideshow

Serial Fiction Sideshow

by Liam Gibbs

Publication Date: 31/07/2017


Nothing is more dangerous than a megalomaniacal moron.

That’s the exact fear going through Major Matross Legion’s head every time he thinks about his ex-friend, the murderous Master Asinine. Yes, the same moron who he’d have given up his life for so many years ago. The same moron who shot and killed his and Legion’s mutual friend. The same moron who goes into public with that ridiculous moniker. The same moron who united the seven largest criminal empires into a superpower he calls—wait for it—The Bad Guys. The same moron who now threatens to conquer the galaxy. And if the galaxy doesn’t like it, the same moron who will nuke it instead.

And he’s built the planet-smashing laser to back his threat.

Now Legion has four days to do the impossible: hastily muster together a superpowered platoon to pit against that moron’s gigantic criminal empire. And what’s this secret weapon that moron has up his unpredictable sleeve, anyway?

In a Galaxy Far, Far AwRy is the new comedy series boasting an ensemble cast of idiots and those forced to put up with them.

Space opera
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Liam Gibbs

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