Six Hot Single Dads - 6 Book Box Set

Six Hot Single Dads - 6 Book Box Set

by Roxann DelaneyAnnie Claydon Emily Forbes and others

Epub (Kobo), Epub (Adobe) Publication Date: 01/08/2017


The CEO Daddy Next Door

Ashley is a glamourous reality television presenter. Marcus is a reserved CEO with a baby daughter. Her life is untamed chaos and he prefers neatness and control. She's into dance music, Marcus likes 60s soul. After one disastrous date three months ago they've been constantly warring neighbours. That is, until a fire destroys Ashley's apartment and she finds herself living with the British billionaire.

Saved By The Single Dad

It's just crisis bonding. That's what Cass tells herself. It's just stress and exhaustion. She's not falling for the gorgeous paramedic she rescued. She's definitely not thinking about how when she's around him and his young daughter, Ellie, she feels like she can finally let herself have the family and love she'd tried so hard to make – and lost. But when Jack and adorable Ellie invite her to share their house, Cass begins to feel like she wants to stay…

Bachelor Dad

City attorney Garrett Miles is a man who is happy with his life. Suddenly finding out he's a father, and that the little girl is coming to live with him, throws a bit of a spanner in the works. Turning to Libby Carter for guidance could be the ideal solution. But there are some things the single mum isn't sharing. After one man nearly destroyed her, can she trust another with her son's life?

Falling For The Single Dad

Abi isn't really one for believing in happily ever afters. When she takes a job at a high–end plastic surgery clinic in Hollywood, all she's thinking about is rebuilding herself and healing. There's no room in her life for anything but surviving. Exceedingly hot or not, Damien would only be an unnecessary complication. Especially since he's a single dad. Abi resolves to keep her distance. Unfortunately this might be little difficult since he's her boss and neighbour.

Hot–Shot Doc, Secret Dad

Julie Sterling hadn't wanted to return to the hometown she'd left thirteen years before – heart broken and pregnant. But she has no choice but to go back where it all began, and try to raise and protect her son. Trevor still remembers Julie from that summer night all those years ago. The nurse and the doctor have changed a lot from their younger selves but even after all this time they're drawn to each other. And maybe this time their story can have a happy ending…

Adult & contemporary romance
Epub (Kobo), Epub (Adobe)
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Mills & Boon Series Special Releases

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