Spark: A Creative Anthology, Volume II

Spark: A Creative Anthology, Volume II

by Brandon TietzAndrew Blackman and Robert J. Sawyer

Publication Date: 19/09/2013


A bold revival of the short story format, punctuated with classic and modern poetry forms, Spark: A Creative Anthology features the freshest work from a range of talented writers, from established professionals to newly-emerging authors and poets. Volume II continues the ambitious approach to contemporary English writing and solidifies Spark: A Creative Anthology as a noteworthy collection of great work.

Cover Art by Charles King
Illustrations by Paul Pederson
Robert J. Sawyer, Wiping Out
Andrew Blackman, Inferno
Brandon Tietz, Ultimate Grand Supreme Super Sexy Baby
Daniel Pearlman, Caught in Vagrante
Michelle Soudier, Perspective
Kate Raynes, Oh, How We Lived and Died There
Scott Skrabal, the horse race for existence
James Burgin, Alzheimer’s
George Wells, Patron Saint of the Lowlands
Sarah Kravitz, El Camino Cielo
Melissa Ziegler, Spring Awakening
Lisa Reeves, Google Earth: Madison County
Hunter Liguore, Me
Simon Bradley, Semi-Detached
Ashley Capes, Somnus and the March Hare
Cynthia Guenther Richardson, Getting on the Liver Transplant List and Amulets
Alexis A. Hunter, The Shadow Attached to His Name
Sandy Hiortdahl, Monday, Erasure of
Christine Edwards, The Barfly from Apartment Twenty-One
Ellen Denton, The Confession
Beatriz Fernandez, The Point of No Return
Jennifer Racek, The Library at the Center of the World
Richard King Perkins II, Translucent Paramours


Short stories
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Empire & Great Jones Little Press

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