Tales of Erana: Myths and Legends

Tales of Erana: Myths and Legends

by A. L. Butcher

Publication Date: 16/05/2015


Five short tales of fantasy and fantasy romance set in the dark world of Erana; the world of the Light Beyond the Storm Chronicles. Some are new and the others have been expanded and revised from the original versions.

The Moon on the Water: The tale of the love between a goddess and a warrior and the terrible curse it brought.

The Tale of Treyna the Beloved: When a mortal woman is pursued by two rival gods even the heavens are wrought by magic.

Storm-Born: A lonely magician finds companionship with a creature of the storm but magic demands a price, what price will it be?

The Blue Phial: A lesson in listening to instruction carefully, lest one makes an embarrassing mistake.

The Legend of Oeliana: A story of a nymph and a toad, jealous magic and debts repaid.

12717 words.

Short stories
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A. L. Butcher

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