The Adventure of the Missing Oscar

The Adventure of the Missing Oscar

by Kevin James

Epub (Kobo), Epub (Adobe) Publication Date: 27/08/2013


Holmes and his partner, John Watson might have thought that their efforts in solving their friend Carlos' death had gone un-noticed. But they are about to discover how wrong they were!

Jeremy Burrell is a wealthy and successful interior designer with a big house in Notting Hill, a new young plaything to help him with the pastering and plenty of friends who he met at his Summer holiday home in Mykonos. Back in London however, over dinner one of those 'friends' has stolen his prize possession - one of Edith Head's Oscars.

A chance meeting with Holmes leads him to convincing the lawyer that he and Watson should interview the guests and find out which one of them snaffled it. But was looks like a simple case turns out to be more complicated as every one of the dinner guests proves to have lots of ulterior motives for being friends with Jeremy. And of course it doesn't take too long for the detective talents of Holmes... and also Watson, to discover there are other things that Jeremy owns that people might have wanted to steal.

Can Holmes and Watson recover the Oscar in time before the real secrets in Jeremy Burrell's past become public knowledge?

And at the same time, who does the mother of Inspector Pomfrett's new detective think she's living with, is there anyone in London that Dr Martin didn't meet at University, and what will happen when John Watson finally meets Mrs Hudson?

All these mysteries... plus that pesky missing Oscar will be solved with the aid of good food, good drink and some of Holmes' inappropriate interview techniques.

Contemporary fiction
Epub (Kobo), Epub (Adobe)
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Kevin James

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