The Direct Line Action Guide

The Direct Line Action Guide

by Earl Nightingale

Epub (Kobo), Epub (Adobe) Publication Date: 18/12/2018


The Direct Line Action Guide is designed to help you find real and lasting success in your career, relationships, and finances. The messages shared in this program will help you begin the most exciting and rewarding journey on earth—your journey of self-discovery and personal fulfillment.


With comprehensive surveys, potent reflection questions, and energizing action items, it will give you the knowledge, motivation, and guidance you need to better manage your life, attain your goals, and cultivate a meaningful existence. Success is not limited to finances; let Nightingale’s award-winning messages show you how to care for your whole person and find real and lasting success in all areas of life.

In the Direct Line Action Guide, you’ll discover the importance of:

  • Identifying and understanding your talents and abilities

  • Learning from and overcoming failure

  • Creative thinking

  • Personal growth through knowledge

  • Character building

  • Living in balance

  • And much more! 

Just as the success or failure of any business depends on its management, so the success or failure of a person depends on the way he or she manages himself or herself. The Direct Line will show you how to take control of your life and find happiness and contentment from the journey of striving toward your goals and cultivating a meaningful existence.


Earl Nightingale, the “Dean of Personal Development,” broadcast his radio programs for over three decades on over 1,000 radio stations in twelve countries around the world. Bringing together his personal insight and wisdom gleaned from extensive reading on topics ranging from ancient Greek philosophy to contemporary medical studies and business research, he coached his listeners on how to achieve meaningful success in the multiple “departments” of living: family life, work life, leisure time, and income. The Direct Line program features many of his most powerful messages on achieving personal fulfillment through balanced living, attention to character development, intellectual cultivation, and creative thinking. As relevant today as ever before, it serves as a practical guide to attaining the most prized form of wealth: self-actualization.


Advice on careers & achieving success
Epub (Kobo), Epub (Adobe)
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Sound Wisdom
Earl Nightingale

Earl Nightingale grew up in California during the Great Depression. Because his family was very poor, Earl educated himself in his local library. His main focus: what makes people turn out the way they do in terms of their wealth, their career achievements, and their happiness. After beginning his career in the US Marines during World War II, Earl was hired as a radio announcer. He eventually became a popular daily broadcaster for CBS.

Through his interest in both personal development and audio, he partnered with Lloyd Conant to form the Nightingale-Conant Corporation. At Nightingale-Conant, he focused on recording the ideas and lessons about success that he studied throughout his life.

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