The Edge Rules

The Edge Rules

by Melanie Hooyenga
Publication Date: 11/02/2020

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Bronze Winner (YA Romance) 2019 -- Readers' Favorite

Winner (YA) 2019 -- Orange County RWA BBB Awards

Finalist / YA/MG Winner 2019 -- BookLife Prize

Being a bully isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Sixteen-year old Brianna had everything she wanted: money to ski all over the world, underlings to do her bidding, and parents who gave her every freedom—as long as she played by their rules. But when she’s busted shoplifting and assigned to the Chain Gang, she ditches her shallow ways and realizes being herself is easier than manipulating people.

Forced to partner with kids she’d never dream of befriending, including Xavier, a boy who makes her pulse go into hyperdrive, Brianna vows to be a better person. Breaking Old Brianna’s habits isn’t easy, but her infatuation with Xavier—someone her parents would never approve of—motivates her to keep trying.

Even when he convinces her to trade her swanky skis for a beat-up snowboard.

Brianna lets go of her need to control everything and finally starts to feel free—until her past threatens to jeopardize her first real chance at love. She discovers balancing on the edge is as challenging in life as it is in snowboarding, and when a new friend is in trouble, Brianna must decide between the superficial things that used to be her world and putting her friend’s safety before herself.

Adult & contemporary romance
Publication Date:
Left-Handed Mitten Publications

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