The Sensible Psychic: A Leading-Edge Guide To True Psychic Perception

The Sensible Psychic: A Leading-Edge Guide To True Psychic Perception

by Anthon St. Maarten
Publication Date: 22/02/2022

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The Sensible Psychic: A Leading-Edge Guide To True Psychic Perception And The Supernatural Experiences Of Everyday Psychics And Mediums

The Sensible Psychic is a level-headed guide to genuine psychic channeling and mediumship that dispels many of the modern myths and misconceptions regarding true psychic ability, supernatural perception, and the so-called 'clair senses.'

This trailblazing guide is an honest, no-nonsense exploration of the authentic abilities of everyday psychics and mediums and a forthright examination of true psychic perception and supernatural channeling, instead of just being another 'psychic' book about oracle card divination, numerology, astrology, crystal ball scrying or reading tea leaves in a cup.

The Sensible Psychic bridges the gap between a rational left-brain and an intuitive right-brain approach to psychic perception by finding a level-headed middle-ground between theory and practice, physics and metaphysics, and science and spirituality. It is a sober, user-friendly account that features both new and revised psychic terminology, as well as a re-imagined conceptual model for psychic perception that challenges an outmoded, yet persistent misconception: psychics and mediums do not 'sense,' they perceive.

The Sensible Psychic is mythbusting real talk for the psychic truth seeker and a must-have new resource for all sensible psychics and mediums.


A redefining reference text for psychic professionals who prefer a sensible, pragmatic approach to psychic channeling and mediumship based on relatable concepts, accurate representation, sensible science, and common sense terminology.


A self-empowering primer for developing psychics and mediums who want to expand their psychic vocabulary and gain a deeper understanding of their metaphysical gifts without the confusing myths, misnomers and misinformation.


A no-nonsense compendium for psi enthusiasts and esoteric seekers keen to investigate authentic psychic phenomena, mystical experiences and the supernatural beyond pop culture 'hocus pocus' and mainstream stereotypes.


An informative guide for psychic clients who consult with professional psychics and mediums who need reliable information to help them find trustworthy, authentic service providers without the typical misrepresentations and 'woo-woo' clichés.


The Sensible Psychic: A Leading-Edge Guide To True Psychic Perception is inspired by a seasoned psychic medium's lifelong quest to understand his own psychic abilities and supernatural experiences. In this groundbreaking guide he shares what he has learned with other psychics and mediums who are also navigating the many myths, misnomers, and misinformation about true psychic perception.

Anthon St. Maarten is a psychic medium and destiny coach with a global clientele in more than thirty countries spanning five continents. He is also a metaphysics teacher, podcaster, spiritual blogger, and author of Divine Living: The Essential Guide To Your True Destiny. Anthon is a hereditary psychic medium in professional practice since 2004 and a liberal arts postgraduate with a degree in psychology.

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