The Spellbound Spindle

The Spellbound Spindle

by Joy V Spicer

Publication Date: 10/09/2018


A misguided elf curses a baby to die on her sixteenth birthday.

Gem elves alter the curse to one of sleep.

But, to break the curse, the elf must die.

Princess Lilyrose seems to have it all, a family who loves her and a betrothed who is also her trusted friend. As the passing years bring the fated birthday closer, as she secretly struggles not to give in to her fear of the curse, she's determined to live a full life.

She learns to fight. She dares to love. She discovers her true heritage. But when she learns her betrothed's life is also in danger, she knows she must face the elf and her dark magic to break the curse.

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Joy V Spicer

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