The Wild Dogs of TaiPei

The Wild Dogs of TaiPei

by Nick Spencer

Publication Date: 11/05/2015


Musician Memphis Davis was left few options after he lost his hand in a car accident. When a grifter named Faith introduces him to Winston, a crime boss in the Tenderloin, Memphis is hired to manage a lucrative, high-stakes drug deal to smuggle heroin from the jungles of the Golden Triangle to the streets of San Francisco. Complicating matters are magic temple dogs, shamans and ghost motorcycle gangs representing good and evil, destined to drag Memphis into their pre-ordained spirit war. From source to port, "The Wild Dogs of TaiPei" is the odyssey of Memphis and Faith's search for love and hope as they fight to reconstruct their identities, challenged in their struggle for love and redemption by the ghosts that inhabit their souls.

Thriller / suspense
Publication Date:
Nick Spencer

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