The Wild Wild West 10th Anniversary Book Collection (Shadows from Boot Hill, King of the Gunman, The Magic Quirt and the No-Gun Man)

The Wild Wild West 10th Anniversary Book Collection (Shadows from Boot Hill, King of the Gunman, The Magic Quirt and the No-Gun Man)

by L. Ron Hubbard

Epub (Kobo), Epub (Adobe) Publication Date: 21/10/2018


***"The flair of a Louis L’Amour or Zane Grey."***—True West Magazine

***"Pure entertainment from first page to last. Master of the Western."***—Midwest Book Review

***"Bears comparison to such notable Western writers as Max Brand, T. T. Flynn, and Alan LeMay."***—Booklist

L. Ron Hubbard spent his formative years in a rugged Montana, among the cowpunchers, lawmen and desperados who would later people his Wild West adventures with remarkable authenticity.

Living on the frontier, he was not only breaking broncs at a tender age but also among the few whites ever admitted into Blackfoot society as a bona fide blood brother.

During a long and illustrious literary career, Ron threw a wide loop over the land of his beginnings and wrote 38 tales of honor, integrity and courage of the American West.

Experience ten of these original short stories, in four volumes, available in the Wild Wild West 10th Anniversary Book Collection.

Shadows from Boot Hill: Every man walks with a shadow... but what happens when he acquires a second one? Just ask Brazos, a cold-blooded killer for hire. His latest job means putting a bullet in a man schooled in the art of witchcraft, and this is one killing that brings with it a deadly curse and a second shadow—and there’ll be the devil to pay. Lock the doors and turn on the lights as Shadows from Boot Hill puts a chilling supernatural twist on the classic Western.

Also includes the Western adventures "The Gunner from Gehenna", in which a plot to steal a miner’s gold reveals how a good man can go bad … and a bad man can do good, and "Gunman!", the story of an aging gunfighter turned lawman who shows his town what a real man is made of.

King of the Gunmen: They call him Suicide, Smoke or simply Sudden Death. His name is Kit Gordon, and from the banks of the Mississippi to the shores of the Pacific, he is King of the Gunmen. Now he’s about to discover that it takes more than a quick draw and a sure aim to stand up like a man. Falsely accused of murder, Kit escapes to the next county over—and a whole new identity. But drawn into a bloody feud, before it’s over he’ll have to reveal that he’s a wanted man—or turn tail and run for his life. Feel the heat rising off of the Arizona desert and a blazing Colt .45 as the King of the Gunmen takes you into the land of prickly pears and deadly gun fights.

Also includes the western adventure The "No-Gun Gunhawk", the story of a legendary gunslinger’s son who swears never to take up a gun—until he is forced to break his vow when it becomes a matter of life and death.

The Magic Quirt: Old Laramie’s a good cook, but not good for much more than that. But his luck—and his life—are about to take an amazing turn. Getting his hands on The Magic Quirt, suddenly Laramie starts performing feats of courage that would make even the Lone Ranger proud. But magic is a funny thing—and as Laramie’s about to discover, sometimes it’s all an illusion. Crack the whip, jingle the spurs and pull the trigger as The Magic Quirt works its Wild Wild West magic on you.

Also includes the Western adventures, "Vengeance is Mine!", the story of a young man who sets out to avenge his father’s death only to commit an act beyond redemption, and "Stacked Bullets", in which a game of chance is fixed, a whole town is cheated, and nothing but a stack of bullets can make things right.

The No-Gun Man: As a young man Monte Calhoun thought the measure of a man was how hard he could drink and how straight he can shoot. But several years back East have changed him and he has become The No-Gun Man. Monte’s civilized now even if that means refusing to avenge the murder of his own father. But in a land of outlaws and ambushes, it’s only a question of how far Monte will be pushed before he pushes back … with a vengeance. Blaze a bloody trail back to the American frontier as The No-Gun Man shows how wild the Wild West can make a man.

Also includes the Western adventure, "Man for Breakfast", in which the victim of a robbery will leave no stone unturned and no outlaw alive in his search for justice—even as he faces bullets, a hanging rope, and a startling revelation.

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