Time Travel University

Time Travel University

by Mike White

Publication Date: 14/06/2016


Kit had already been thinking about getting around to college when she's somehow transported to a university far away from anything she's ever seen before. She has a choice to make, will she join a college she barely understands and become a student along with elephants wearing helmets, cyborgs that shift into mist and cavemen with strange crystals on the giant rocks they carry?
Time Travel U is the story of a school that just is, no matter what time period a sapient entity might currently be at personally. It exists in all time periods- and none.

Only those selected will be able to find it. The age, native time period, and physiological makeup of the potentiate is irrelevant. All they need ask themselves is this: are they happy with their current time period? Would they like to study a new time period for possible future temporal relocation and assignment?

The administration and teachers are themselves as different from each other as the students are, with one key difference:

They never appear to age.

Before long, students will be asking themselves:

Why does the administration so rarely show up? Why is it periodically attacked by strange machines made of gleaming white metal?What is the university's true purpose?

NOTE-Includes : The Insanity Hypothesis and a Fish Out of Time (Entries 1 and 2)

(Part of the World of "Newcomer")

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Mike White
Mike White

Mike White has had dogs most of his life, including a giveaway mongrel when he was a teenager, a puppy who was going to be drowned, and his current huntaway, Cooper, who features throughout How to Walk a Dog.

They've been wonderful mates, loyal company and frequently disobedient. Some have broken his bones; all have broken his heart when they've gone. White is one of New Zealand's best-known journalists and a senior writer at North & South magazine where he has won more than 20 national media awards, including the Wolfson Fellowship to Cambridge University.

In 2013 he wrote the best-selling true crime book Who Killed Scott Guy? He lives in Wellington with his partner, Nikki, and they walk Cooper along the coast, through the bush and at the city's dog parks.

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