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Welcome to Your New Life

Welcome to Your New Life 4

by Anna Goldsworthy

Paperback / softback Publication Date: 20/03/2013

4/5 Rating 4 Reviews

You are fluid, composed of smoke or air, morphing between ectoplasm and skeleton. It is a dance, a cosmic strip show: a flash of spine, and then a rib cage, clean as a fish. Who is laying these bones down, one by one? Is it me who is making you, or are you making yourself?

When Anna Goldsworthy, pianist and perfectionist, falls pregnant with her first child, her excitement is tempered by the daunting journey ahead. In Welcome to Your New Life, she shares the dizzying wonder and crippling anxiety that come with creating new life. Should she indulge her craving for sausage after sixteen years of not eating meat? Will her birth plan involve Enya or hypnosis, or neither? And just how worried should she be about her baby falling into a composting toilet?

This captivating memoir combines warmth and humour to reveal the love that binds families together. Welcome to Your New Life evokes the shock of plunging into a life-changing adventure and the kicking required to return to the surface.

‘A keen-eyed, funny, tender, wonderful book.’ - Chloe Hooper

‘This book does what great literature should: it tries to get a grip on life - the making of it, the living-and-loving it, the leaving it. Goldsworthy’s writing is so beautiful, so laser-acute and funny and moving that you feel you are living more vividly. Welcome to Your New Life seems essential to me now. I laughed and I cried and I absolutely loved it.’ - Anna Funder

‘warm, funny and candid’ - Books+Publishing

Paperback / softback
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Black Inc.
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Anna Goldsworthy

Anna Goldsworthy is the author of Welcome To Your New Life and Piano Lessons. Anna's writing has appeared in the Monthly, the Age, the Adelaide Review and Best Australian Essays.

She has won numerous prizes and scholarships for piano performance. In 2004, she completed a world tour performing in festivals and concert halls in Australia, Asia, Europe and North and South America.

Her solo CD, Come With Us, was released in early 2008. In that same year she collaborated with her father, Peter Goldsworthy, on a theatrical adaptation of his book Maestro, which drew inspiration from her early life.

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  • An enchanting read

    by on

    A beautifully whimsical book crafted by a mothers love of her son and the wonder of watching his life evolve. A surprise pregnancy launches the author in to the world of motherhood and the propaganda and expectation she must sidestep along the way to keep herself sane. This book will enchant even those without the urge for the patter of small feet as it hooks you in with the nostalgia of growing up and the innocence of curiosity.

  • A beautifully written memoir

    by on

    Welcome to Your New Life is an honest and open memoir which vividly captures the anxiety, mystery, love, exhaustion, euphoria, hilarity, and joy of pregnancy, birth and motherhood. Starting with the early days of her pregnancy, it is addressed to her (initially in utero) son, describing almost in snapshots his journey into life and first few years, and her experiences and thoughts, as well as others opinions freely offered (though rarely asked for.)

    This is essentially a stunningly beautiful love letter from mother to child, keenly observed and filled with humour. Highly recommended for any mum (dare we say essential?) who will find much that resonates with them, or for any who love a beautifully written memoir.

  • Watch Out for the Composting Toilet!

    by on

    This book doesn't make me want children but I certainly enjoyed sharing some of Anna's journey through the minefield of pregancy, birth and what to do with the little bundle of wonder and joy. Some laugh out loud moments, some misty eyed moments and some tricky issues covered with a light and entertaining touch.

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