Best of 2016 - Art & Photography

The ultimate gift for gardeners and art-lovers, featuring 300 of the most beautiful and pioneering botanical images ever

Following in the footsteps of the international bestseller Map: Exploring the World, this fresh and visually stunning survey celebrates the extraordinary beauty and diversity of plants. It combines photographs and cutting-edge micrograph scans with watercolours, drawings, and prints to bring this universally popular and captivating subject vividly to life.

Carefully selected by an international panel of experts and arranged in a uniquely structured sequence to highlight thought-provoking contrasts and similarities, this stunning compilation of botanically themed images includes iconic work by celebrated artists, photographers, scientists, and botanical illustrators, as well as rare and previously unpublished images.

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Best of 2016 - Top 10 Fiction

Westography is the name Warren Kirk gives to his photographs of Melbourne’s western suburbs.

The mysterious world they capture – poignant remnants half-forgotten yet strangely familiar... They are photos of a past that still exists, out on the edge of the everyday.

Every city has its secret worlds – obscure corners that the fashionable eye has passed over in its rush towards the new. The people who live and work in these worlds probably don’t think of them as secret.

But when someone like Warren Kirk (aka the Westographer) drifts in with his camera, bring his patient eye to sites of modest dreaming, something entrancing happens.

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Andrew Wilson has an eye for the dramatic and this is a very fresh pictorial portrait of Tasmania.

There are extreme wilderness spots reached only by sea and some others of inhabited and favorite recreational areas, but all of them show the beauty and the extremes brought about by being in the path of the roaring forties.

Andrew Wilson is fast being recognised as the preeminent contemporary Tasmanian photographer and this book supports and enhances that claim.

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