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Your Brilliant Brain

A playful poke around the most marvellous, mysterious thing in the known universe: your beautiful brain

by Philip Bunting
Publication Date: 03/04/2024

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It is pretty easy to argue that the human brain is the most extraordinary thing in the known universe. But there is so much we don’t know about the thing behind our eyes.

Where do thoughts come from? Why do we dream? Why have our brains become 10% smaller over the past ten to twelve thousand years? Why do we get brain-freeze? Why!? Okay, that last one … we do know the answer to. But there is much to learn – and much fun to be had – by taking a quick poke around the human brain (which would feel a bit like tofu, or firm jelly, if you did poke it).

Told with Philip Bunting’s inimitable wit, this new non-fiction picture book will explore the most fascinating part of the human body, the bit that makes you YOU, your brain.

Picture storybooks
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Hardie Grant Children's Publishing
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Philip Bunting

Philip Bunting is an author and illustrator, with a soft spot for creating picture books for sleep-deprived, time-poor, raisin-encrusted parents (and their children).

Philip’s work deliberately encourages playful interaction between the reader and child, allowing his books to create a platform for genuine intergenerational engagement and fun. He believes that the more fun the child has during their early reading experiences, the more likely they will be to return to books, improve their emergent literacy skills, and later find joy in reading and learning.

Philip’s books have been translated into multiple languages and published in more than 25 countries around the world. Since his first book was published in 2017, Philip has received multiple accolades, including Honours from the Children’s Book Council of Australia, and making the list for the Kate Greenaway Medal in 2018. Philip grew up in the England’s Lake District and now lives with his young family in the hills behind Noosa.

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