We Are Open For Business

We Are Open For Business

We are open and still despatching as many orders as we can, as quickly as possible. This may change however we will keep you updated of any changes.


Australia Post Delivery Delays

Australia Post have advised a general delay in parcel delivery due to the impact of reduced flights, social distancing procedures and increased online shopping. They are working continuously to maintain delivery and apologise for any inconvenience.

Author Enquires

Is your title listed with us and you would like to change the details?

We have hundreds of thousands of products on our website and the information for these products comes from various sources. Most of the information comes from the companies that issue the ISBNs and also the publishers themselves.

The information is passed to companies that specialise in managing this data and in passing it onto retailers like us, who use it to form the basis of product information. Please note that a product will not be made available for purchase until there is a supplier who can supply that item.

For information, updates to product information or to remove your title completely, please first contact your publisher. Updating information directly from the source will assist other online retailers who may also list the title. We also cannot guarantee that the title may be listed as is again if a new feed is downloaded that contains the incorrect information. You are able to contact the data feed companies that we use to have the descriptions of products changed by contacting the following companies:

Thorpe Bowker: data@thorpe.com.au

Neilsen: http://www.nielsen.com/au/en/contact-us.html


For all other questions and changes please contact us below.

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