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Detours *Order to Win

by Tim Rogers

Why our Staff Love Detours: The refreshing news is that this book is very good. Tim Rogers can write, and write well. He also has things to say, although they are not necessarily the things you'd expect. This is not your rock tale of band debauchery, nor an addict's confessional. Rogers barely mentions "You Am I". Rather than swagger, we get observations and affectionate diversions on all sorts of topics; from Kalgoorlie to football, food to friendship.

Tim's "detours" are full of wry humour and affection for people and place, and I loved his honest take on the strangeness of life. He notices and even celebrates the unexpected connections and weird changes that we all experience on this great adventure. All this seems surprising in a time when most musicians’ memoirs resemble trophy shelf inventories or resumes, and I enjoyed this book immensely. You need not be a fan or care as much about AFL as he does - just enjoy the ride with Tim. It is a very articulate book that is sometimes flamboyantly poetic in style, influenced by Tim's many literary heroes (and he name-checks most of them).

Told in a conversational tone that is grounded and often self-deprecating, there is always a wry smile here. I hope this book reaches the wider audience it deserves and that Mr Rogers writes again.

Description:A charming, honest, funny, sad, tender and beautiful literary memoir. Think Patti Smith meet Dylan Thomas, by way of Banjo Paterson. Tim Rogers of You Am I has always been a complicated man: a hard-drinking musician with the soul of a poet; a flamboyant flaneur; a raconteur, a romantic and a raffish ne'er-do-well. In this offbeat, endearing memoir, Tim walks us through years jam-packed with love, shame, joy, enthusiasms, regrets, fights, family and music, always music. A work of real grace and tenderness, Detours is often impossibly sad and beautiful - but also full of wit, wordplay and punching jolts of larrikin energy to make you laugh out loud.

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