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Australian Heist


Why our Staff Love Australian Heist:

Sometimes it’s easy to feel that all the great Australian stories have been told and that our young colonial history has been done and dusted. With this book, James Phelps neatly knocks that idea sideways. Australian Heist brings to light the amazing story of the biggest gold heist in Australian history, a tale of audacious bushrangers escaping with 82.5kg of gold on horseback through the wild bushland of central-west NSW in 1862.

A read of this brilliant yarn of a book will leave you wondering why this crime isn’t notorious. This is a classic wild west adventure, a gang-versus-coppers standoff and chase, full of crazy characters doing crazy things in rugged places. Phelps tells the narrative in full action-fiction mode, the great bushrangers Frank Gardiner and Ben Hall pitted against the befuddled but dogged Inspector Pottinger in a battle of wits and damned luck. The style is cinematic and thrill-packed, leavened by moments of slapstick and twists - we’d recommend this as a great Father’s Day gift!

Book Description:

Australia's Number 1 True Crime Writer on Australia's Greatest Gold Robbery.

In June 15, 1862 a gang of bushrangers pulled off the largest Gold Robbery in Australia's history at Eugowra Rocks. The gang escaped with bank notes and 82.5kg of gold worth today about $15 million. It remains Australia's largest gold robbery.

The story of how Ben Hall, Frank Gardiner, John O'Mealley, John Gilbert, Harry Manns, Alex Fordyce, John Bow and Dan Charters - planned and executed the robbery and what happened to all that gold is the stuff of a brilliant, modern, exciting crime book.

This is Australian history on the very best crime-writing steroids from Australia's number one true crime writer

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