Products Alerts


Product Alerts are designed to let you know when an item that is again buyable on our site. If you find a product that you wish to purchase that is out-of-stock, simply setup an alert using the 'Notify Me' button as shown below.

When the product comes back in to stock, you will receive a notification via email. You must have an account in order to create a notification.


Create a product alert using the 'Notify Me' button on any un-buyable product on our site


Managing your alerts is easily done. Simply sign-in to your account and selecting the 'Account Details' option in the dropdown as shown in the image below.

Manage your alerts within your 'My Account' settings


You can edit your stored settings from within your Bookworld account. Just sign-in and at the top of the screen choose the 'My Account' option. From the 'My Account' page select the 'My Alerts' option on the left.