My Library, My Lists and Wishlists

We have introduced this new feature for our community.  You can now create lists, buy and review from your lists and update your reading status to share with others.


How Do I Access My Library and Lists?

You can manage your library from within your account or from any product page.  You will need to be signed in to access this feature.

To access your library and lists from your account, simply select your account from the top left hand corner and choose My library/ My Lists.


This will take you directly to your Library and Lists.  Here you can create a new list, edit an existing list, rate and review a book and update the reading status.

When you move your arrow above a product in your list, the price will appear in a green box.  See Soviet Ghosts below. To add the product to your cart simply click the green box.

You can choose to make a list private or public, so for those of you who love to receive books as gifts, you can now share with your family and friends exactly which titles you want!  Any text that has the pencil next to it is editable, this is your library and you can personalise it as much as you desire.

You will also find that you can quickly add books from the product page.  Under the image of each book will appear the text "Save to My Library/Lists" and you can either create a new list or choose an option in the drop down menu to quickly and easy add the product, ensuring you never miss a title again.


Happy reading from the A&R team!