How Do I Cancel An Order?

We allow 30 minutes after each order has been submitted for the customer to cancel their order.  After 30 minutes has elapsed the order is submitted for fulfilment and we cannot always cancel them, however do use the form below to send us an enquiry so that we can try.


Self-service cancelling an order within 30 minutes of it being placed:

  1. Sign-in to your account using the option at the top of the website page.  * If you made a guest purchase then create an account using the same email address used for the guest purchase (PayPal users should create an account using the email linked to their PayPal account).

  2. After you have signed-in to your account, select 'Order History' from the dropdown menu at the top of the page, on the left side.

  3. Select the order you placed and for each item you wish to cancel, use the drop-down menu alongside to cancel that item (as shown in the image below).


Self Service Cancellation Option Within Account Image


Cancelling an order more than 30 minutes from the order being placed:

If the 30-minute cancellation window has passed then you will need to submit a cancellation request via the form below.  Fill in as much information as possible to assist our customer service team to process your request.  Where possible we will cancel an order however due to the quick processing times this is not always possible.