We Are Open For Business

We Are Open For Business

We are open and still despatching as many orders as we can, as quickly as possible.

To see updates on delivery delays please visit our Covid-19 Information Page here


Did My Order Go Through?

If you have submitted an order but aren't sure if it processed correctly, then please try the following process to clarify if your order succeeded:

  1. Check your email account for the Order Confirmation email (don't forget to check the Junk folder as well).
  2. Check your PayPal or Credit Card account to see if the any transaction is recorded.

  3. If you have an account, you can check your 'Order History' page, accessible via the drop-down option in the upper-left of each page.
    *If you used guest checkout you can check by creating an account using the email linked to your order or PayPal account used for the order, and then checking the 'Order History' page.


If you are still unsure, are having problems submitting your order or simply have a question, then please use the form below to contact our Customer Service team, who will look in to the issue as a matter of priority.

* PLEASE NOTE: Raising a PayPal dispute will freeze the transaction and will disable our ability to refund you for any failed orders so to ensure a fast response we ask that you don't raise any disputes until we have responded to your enquiry.


To assist our team please provide the following information within the message section of the form below:

  • Any credit card reference numbers (not the card number) or the PayPal transaction ID

  • The approximate time and date that the order was placed

  • The item that you were purchasing, if you can recall

  • The app / device you were using to make the purchase eg: Mozilla Firefox on an iPad, Internet Explorer on a PC, and so-forth, that will allow us to attempt to replicate the scenario to resolve such issues from recurrence.



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