Hit the Books


Get ready for University with the right books!

Time to return to university study? Going to TAFE or VET? We have a range of books to suit, including your prescribed textbooks, recommended readings and further research.

From study aids and solutions guides, to your specialist references. So when it is time to return to University, and you need to hit the books, we are here to help!


Study Skills

Too much information to manage and get on top of? Here are the tools for improving your organisation, your environment and learning styles. Tackle anxiety and set goals! With the right motivation and advice, it is easier than you think.

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Writing and Citing

Know how to communicate and present your work is crucial. You need to cite your sources, reference in the correct way, and achieve credibility. We have all the books on how to do it right, making sure that no matter the form, you have correct grammar, evidence and bibliography sorted.

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Nursing students need to be sure of patient care procedures, health care protocol, and medical monitoring technology. We have the books on everything from pharmacology, ECG, neonatal and midwifery, to emergency and paramedic, geriatric and rehabilitation. All the specialities are covered, be it clinical and surgical, or community health and dentistry.

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From torts to intellectual property, from contracts to equity and trusts; we have all the latest texts for your law studies. So get your mooting right, and be sure of your jurisprudence, know the precedents and your constitutional implications, set out your evidence and get drafting! We have all the study guides to be sure, so see us for all your legal book solutions.

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Teaching is challenging but rewarding. See our range of textbooks and materials for everything from early education to special needs and tutoring. We also have books on literacy, adult education, teaching specific subjects and skills, philosophy of education, education psychology, counselling and care of students, classroom management and research.

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Business and Finance

If you are to be a CFO or CEO, you need to know your stuff.  Accounting, finance and management textbooks are all here.  We have books on international business, investments, human resources, and all the corporate legislation associated.  From the basics to the specialist, from the strategy to the KPIs, you can be sure of our range.

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Studying medicine requires a lot of knowledge and skills, from broader clinical skills to specialist diagnostic methodology.  We have the tips and guides, medical charts and serious guides, from internal medicine to complementary, sports, and rehabilitation.  Whether you aim to be GP or a surgeon, hospital registrar or dentist, we have your books,so get prepped!

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Science and Mathematics

From statistics to research data analysis, our books will help you. From the fundamentals to the specialist, from the biological sciences to physics and engineering, from chemistry to aerodynamics- it’s all here. Get your data right and your proof in shape and your theorem in the bag!

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